Deconstruction coming soon.


I am thinking of redesigning my website here. Trying to build it more into a portfolio layout rather then a blog format. After all I realized that nobody really cares about my opinions and other nonsense. I finally bought my own taxi and have been driving a lot. Best idea would be to get it rented. It’s about 3 am right now and I think I need a hot shower and sleep.

I drove for about 6 hours tonight.

Above is a picture of me hard at work in a satellite truck watching tv.

A few seconds Sometimes [VIDEO]

I strung together a bunch of footage from my last years trip to Mexico and Oregon. The title comes from the “one second every day” concept that seems to be pretty popular on the web.

$55 Kendama

Am I crazy or is this crazy?

RIP VR Cards in Honolulu

I had been using Vanilla Reload Cards at CVS for the past 2 years to rack up Airline Miles.  I actually got enough miles to get my family to Mexico 2x, Oregon, I went over to Maui on miles and we are planning a family trip to Japan in the winter.  Sadly that door has been closed.  Apparently CVS is no longer accepting Credit Cards for payments on VR cards.  Many of the FF bloggers have already confirmed this (here, here and here).  While this is bad news for me and just about everyone else who was racking up mileage using Blue Bird and VR Combination.  You know what they say though:  When one door closes another one opens.  There is always another opportunity to travel somewhere.

I have found myself really busy working.  We did a show at the Aloha Stadium,  2 days of Chef Roc, A live spot in Ewa Beach at the Tsunami center and lastly the ASEAN summit.  Life is good but it was really nice to sleep in this morning.



North Shore Body Surf 2014, Sleeping on the North Shore, Taxi Slave

Been a long while since posts.  I just have had a combination of not being motivated to write and being busy.  I have been doing more production work in the last month then I expected.  On Sunday I will be working on a evangelist at the stadium.  Should be pretty cool my first real live event outside of surfing.  Later in the month we have a 2 or 3 day cooking shoot which should leave me well fed.   After that there is nothing in the immediate future.

Last week on the North Shore like a fucking idiot I parked in a no parking zone and got my vehicle towed to Wahiawa.  Sucks it cost me $300.  Haven’t had a car towed in probably 20 years.  Anyways, not much happening for surf while I was in Waialua; the wind was howling the whole time.  There was swell but it was all crossed up junk so I ended up surfing only once in the week we we stayed up there.  We got back into town on Sunday and Kai was back in school Monday Morning.  I have been driving taxi a lot also.  Just trying to put in some extra hours so I can start thinking about a summer vacation.  Not sure where we will go this summer but want to get some money in the bank.

I made the above video one afternoon using my old spiratone lens.  I am pretty impressed with the video quality considering the lens.  Watch in HD if your gonna watch.

Hell should be renamed “Going to Costco on a Saturday afternoon.”.

Going downtown on Saturday to Costco has to been one of the biggest non-highlights of my life. The only upside is that I can practically feed Kai for free with all the samples. One ounce portions of ten different foods: it’s what’s for dinner.

Surfing on the Mokuleia Side

Absolutely been scoring 4-6 foot waves down on the Mokes side. Two days in a row marathon sessions even had about an hour of nobody out by myself. Sun burnt, sore arms and feeling good. This is why I live in Hawaii. This weekend the forecast is looking good too. Hoping to go up Friday and stay for the day. Bring Kai and Chieko so they can enjoy the beach. All is good working a lot at night. The cool air feels great on my skin after being in the sun for the day.

Alright enough for now need to go to work. The above picture is down Mokes way on a smaller day.

Surf strike out.

Been spending lots of time in the car driving around looking for surf.  Up on the North Shore on Weds.  drove from mokes to Rocky points but it was all blown out blustery conditions.  The next day I drove over to the West Side where I thought the wind would be better but it seems the swell had dropped off or the West Side wasn’t getting any of the wrap.  Had a fun day with the family anyways  we ended up going to Yokohama Bay and spending the afternoon at the beach then coming back into town and hitting our favorite pho restaurant.  Sometimes the best things that happen are unplanned.


Above is a video that I put together of the annual Punahou Carnival.

Have been digging through and looking at a lot of old television commercials and media created back in the 40′s and 50′s. I was blown away by the tobacco commercials. Makes you wonder what products that are peddled on tv now that will be the source of death in the future.